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Deep Fake Dangers: You Could Get Manipulated by AI During the 2024 Election

Deep Fake Dangers: You Could Get Manipulated by AI During the 2024 Election

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Artificial intelligence might be used to spread disinformation this election season. One survey finds three-quarters of Americans are worried about the use of AI-generated deep-fakes to manipulate public opinion.

From forged photos and doctored videos, to life-like robocalls, AI technology carries the power to deceive, manipulate, and disrupt. No longer considered science fiction, lawmakers worry this present reality poses a serious threat to our democratic republic, and we’re already seeing it play out.

Just days before New Hampshire’s January primary, nearly 20,000 voters received a call using an AI-generated voice of President Biden, attempting to discourage them from showing up at the polls.

“Voting this Tuesday only enables Republicans in their quest to elect Donald Trump again,” the AI-generated president said.

Officials detected the deep-fake and alerted the public, but experts warn, these deceptions will only get more sophisticated and available.

“Imagine a world where that was a one-to-one attack. Where instead of it being pre-recorded, it was actually live, and instead of being from one to many, it was one-to-one, where it’s coming from your husband, your wife, your boss, saying, ‘Hey, Ben, we need you in the office at 6 a.m., I know it’s a voting day.’ Or an election official, ‘Hey, we’re moving your precinct, we need you to be across town, three hours away,'” explained Ben Coleman, CEO of the deep-fake detection platform, Reality Defender.

He says Congress must act now to protect the American public.

“AI developments move fast, legislation must move faster, forecasting and potentially anticipating rapid improvements in the quality and application of deep fakes,” Coleman said during a recent Congressional hearing.

Since last January, 41 states have introduced legislation banning election-related deep-fakes, while eight already have laws on the books. There’s been no action yet on the federal level, however, despite bipartisan support.

“Congress has the power, indeed the obligation, to stop this AI nightmare. There are common-sense bipartisan bills ready to go, right now. We can hold social media companies and big tech accountable for election deep-fakes and other AI-driven harms. If we leave them unchecked, deep fakes and political deceptions will sow the seeds of our destruction as a democracy,” said Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT).

“Both parties, the leadership needs to support an effort to get a vote, and I say, ‘an effort to get’, really they just need to schedule a vote. Let’s put these bills on the floor and let’s vote,” agreed Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO).

A number of companies already have technology to protect against deep-fake content. Industry leaders maintain, however, that action from Congress, generative AI, social media platforms, and even the media, will be needed to truly protect Americans.

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